Birth & Postpartum Doulas in San Diego

Doulas offer non-medical professional support. Birth doulas support birthing people during birth and may offer a visit before and/or after the birth. Birth doulas can support all types of births, whether you choose hospital or home, medicated or unmedicated. Birth doulas can provide hands-on support, as well as help guide you though understanding medical decisions and support you emotionally. Birth and postpartum doulas do not make decisions for you. Postpartum doulas work with families after baby is born. Teaching parents tips on caring for baby as well as providing emotional support, education on infant development, breastfeeding guidance, and referrals to resources. You will also find some postpartum doulas that fulfill the role of Newborn Care Specialists and provide overnight infant care and you will also find postpartum doulas that focus on hands-on holistic healing for the birthing person. 

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Sarah Burns - Birth Doula ( 

Dara Desoto - Birth Doula (

Anna Foresburg- Postpartum Doula ( 

Brittany Harmon- Birth Doula ( 

Candace Hallak - Birth & Postpartum Doula ( 

Joy Kobrick - Birth Doula ( 

Megan Ameral Limon - Postpartum Doula ( 

Carlyle Johnson Lee- Birth & Postpartum Doula (

Jamie Meekins - Postpartum Doula ( 

Loretta Sandridge- Postpartum Doula ( 

Courtney Scott- Birth Doula ( 

Debbie Shelton - Birth Doula ( 

Jenn Smith - Postpartum Doula ( 

Heather Taylor - Birth Doula ( 

Stevie Trujillo - Postpartum Doula ( 

Ah- Ling Thayer - Postpartum Doula ( 

Tabitha Trotter - Birth & Postpartum Doula (

Cindy Webster- Postpartum Doula ( 

Cati Wright- Postpartum Doula (