Lactation Consultants

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) can help problem solve and recommend treatments for new mothers who are struggling with breastfeeding. Besides the IBCLCs at your hospital, there are also consultants who have private practices, many of them will come to your home to help you. Some may take insurance. Most sessions range in price from $100-$200


Breastfeeding Warmlines and Resource Guide

Babies in Bloom (Vista) 

  • Rochelle McLean, IBCLC (office visits only)

Birth Education Center (Mira Mesa) 

  • Anita Butler, IBCLC (home or office visits) 

Breastfeeding Center of San Diego (La Mesa)

  • Robin Kaplan, IBCLC (office visits only)

  • Melanie Cromwell, RN, IBCLC (office visits only) 

  • Debbie Murai, RN, IBCLC (office visits only) 

  • Anna Choi, IBCLC (home or office visits)

  • Nicole Kreps, RN, IBCLC (home or office visits)

  • Ali Murray, RN, IBCLC (home or office visits)

Breastfeeding Consultants of San Diego 

  • Heather Shabestari, IBCLC (home or office visits)

Breastfeeding Fixers (Solana Beach)

  • James G. Murphy, MD

  • Leilani Wilde, IBCLC (office visits only) 

Mamas and Milk (Poway)

  • Dawn Dickerson, IBCLC (home or office visits)

  • Carly Marks, RN, IBCLC (office visits only) 

Night & Day (North Park)

  • Rachel Oeffner (home or office visits)

North County Birth and Beyond (La Jolla)

  • Diane Randall, IBCLC (home or office visits) 

Sweet Life Lactation (Clairemont)

  • Peggy Reynolds (home or office visits)