Reviews from Previous Clients


Emily was amazing. She started with us a few weeks after our daughter was born and stayed with us until she was 8 weeks old. In that time, she helped us learn so much about our baby and prepared us to better anticipate her needs. Our baby is now sleeping 5-hour stretches at night! Emily had commitments to other families, so we were not able to extend our time with her, but we wish we could! Even though she wasn't free, she helped us find another postpartum doula, which was a huge relief for us. Emily is a consummate professional, super knowledgeable, and will make you feel instantly comfortable leaving your newborn in her capable hands. We are really going to miss her- I will be recommending Emily to everyone!

Kristen O. (mom of Vivi, born fall 2019) 


We loved having Emily with us for our daughter's first 6 weeks. She came in and took over when i most needed help. From reorganizing to helping prepare for the next steps and some light cleaning, she was everything any new parent would ask for when coming home with a newborn. We recommend babies by the beach 100%!

Charlotte D. (mom of Celeste, born fall 2019)


Emily is wonderful!  We hired her for the months following the birth of our daughter to help with overnight care and allow us to get some sleep 2 or 3 nights per week.  I think the best thing about her was that I loved how she was with our daughter.  She was gentle, kind, calm, and patient and really seemed to genuinely love babies, so I was comfortable letting her care for our newborn baby overnight while I caught up on some sleep.  She also was supportive of a variety of parenting styles, so I didn't feel pressured by her in any way.  Instead, I felt supported in doing things the way I felt comfortable doing them.  I struggled with breastfeeding for the first weeks, and Emily was very knowledgeable (she is certified as a lactation educator) and supportive with breastfeeding and provided me with a lot of useful tips and resources.  She was also very flexible and understanding regarding scheduling, which was really important because at one point, our baby started sleeping through the night so we switched to having Emily come during the day.  Emily cared for our baby exactly how I wanted someone to - making sure to do tummy time, take baby outside for fresh air, playing and reading with her.  Emily was available via text to provide advice and resources regarding sleep and breastfeeding and whatever other questions I had.  She has a lot of knowledge about developmental stages, which was helpful when our baby suddenly stopped sleeping well or when she would start cluster feeding.  Emily was able to point out what was likely happening and remind me that these phases wouldn't last forever.  I cried when she left on her last day!  I can't recommend her highly enough!!!

Lauren C. (mom of Mireya, born spring 2019)


Emily is an amazing doula and I recommend her highly.  She is extremely knowledgable -- I learned so much from her.  She taught me how to bathe my baby, wear my baby in a wrap, soothe my baby and several other "tricks."  And, I was totally blown away by her breastfeeding knowledge.  She helped me decipher my baby's behavior and figure out what I needed to do to soothe her.  Emily would respond to my texts with invaluable advice in the moment when I was struggling with milk supply.  I honestly can't say enough about how helpful she was.  In addition, she's extremely efficient and helps around the house too.  Oh, and she provides incredible printed resources for new moms as well.  I am very grateful I found her.

Allison R. (mom of Grace, born spring 2019)


Emily is absolutely amazing - and truly a life saver for our family.  We hired her as a nighttime doula for 3-4 nights per week for 8 weeks after the birth of our first son. Initially my husband was not convinced that we needed this service (certainly a luxury to have!), but it really made our lives so much more manageable during this huge transition time. He was quickly as happy as I was to have hired Emily and we can't imagine what those first weeks would have been like without her help! Emily would stay in our son's room until he woke up and needed to be fed, then she would wake me so that I could breastfeed him.  I could then immediately go back to sleep while she handled the diaper changing and putting him back to sleep (trust me, when they feed every 2 hours, every minute in bed counts!).  Once he started taking bottles I could even "skip" a feed and get a few extra hours of sleep. Our son had reflux/colic and torticollis at birth, so he was NOT an easy sleeper.  He essentially would not let us lay him flat for several weeks, and having Emily's extra hands allowed us to get the must needed rest my body needed. In addition to helping with baby duties, once he was sleeping she would help with baby laundry, dishes, and organizing his nursery so everything was always ready for us the next morning. Emily's personality is kind and thoughtful, and she was always gentle and loving with our son. She even went above and beyond and helped provide support with breast feeding issues, reflux, colic, and everything else a new mom needs!  As I started to prepare to transition back to work she gave me great advice about feeding schedules, pumping, and other resources for working moms. She also recommended books on sleep training, and gave us options so that we can choose the approach that we were most comfortable with. We were so sad to see Emily leave after 8 weeks, but alas - I called her during a time of panic about a month later. I had just got back to work and our little guy wasn't letting us sleep at all. She graciously agreed to add on a few extra nights for us until we got into a better routine. I really appreciated her flexibility and willingness to help.  She truly has a gift in making new mothers feel more confident and supported.  When it comes time to having a second baby, we will definitely be calling Emily again!

Amanda G.  (mom of Trevor, born winter 2019)


We were so lucky to have Emily as our postpartum doula! It was the best decision we made as we were preparing for the arrival of our first little one. She is so knowledgeable, caring, patient...and our newborn loved her right away! She gave me so much helpful information, has such great techniques, and so much experience...she really made our transition into parenthood so much easier....I cannot recommend her enough!

Alice F. (mom of Coralie, born fall 2018)


I would not hesitate to recommend Emily a million times over. It was the best decision after having my first baby. We had recently moved to San Diego and had no support system so she was a lifesaver. I lacked confidence those first couple of months and she was so encouraging and never judged me. She was so knowledgeable about breastfeeding and baby sleep schedules and helped me find the balance that worked for me. She would step in to give me a much needed nap or just somebody to talk to about my anxiety over doing the right things for the baby. If you are on the fence about hiring a postpartum doula, do won't regret it and Emily is the best there is.

Angela C. (mom of Sidney, born summer 2018)


Emily is a POSTPARTUM ROCK STAR!! I reached out to her as a first time mom, knowing that I was expecting twins, and knowing that I had no family members around to help me get through the immense adjustment of the first few months, not to mention the overwhelming sleep deprivation! She was everything I had hoped for and MORE. I hired her to watch my boys a few times a week overnight (10pm-6am) so that I could  go to bed earlier and actually sleep longer stretches, while she fed them bottles of pre-pumped breastmilk, or woke me up (at my request) only when they needed a feeding and then did all the hard work after of burping, diaper changes, swaddling, shushing and rocking them back to sleep. Beyond caring for my boys, she truly cared for ME like a best friend would, always asking how I'm feeling, always willing to sit on the couch and talk with me, sometimes for hours, about what's been on my mind, and any concerns I have. She kept me sane and in the process provided real and valuable advice. For example, over the course our time with her, she introduced me to swaddles that worked better for our sons, and even brought over her own white noise machine to help them fall asleep faster. And when I wasn't always able to keep up with supply, she suggested a much better, organic formula, and it was so much gentler on the boys tummies whenever I needed it as a last resort. She forwarded me lists of "Mommy & Me" groups so I wouldn't feel so isolated as a stay-at-home mom. She even recommended a few qualified nannies when it was time for us to move in that direction... My favorite thing about Emily (other than her positive attitude and willingness to always lend an ear) is she never makes you feel like she is "on the clock." She would always encourage me to "call/text anytime!" and I certainly took advantage of that whenever I had questions for her. She genuinely CARES. Even dropped by the other day just to say hi to the boys. It was a few weeks after our contract ended, but the smiles on their faces when they saw her again said it ALL. 5 STARS. THANKS EMILY!!

Cassie L. (mom of Jax and Cody, born spring 2018)


Hiring Emily was the best thing we did while we were planning for our new baby! This was our first baby and we knew nothing. We knew we wanted help from the day we brought her home. When we met with Emily me and my husband just knew she was the one. A postpartum doula is a very personal. First they will be taking care of your new baby and coming into your home and you need to feel comfortable. Second this person will see you at your worst and see all non glamours things that go on on right after delivery. She was so sweet and kind and she is very educated. She was great with our daughter and when she came over we went to bed which was amazing!! She was very attentive and taught us many things. She will forever be part of story from the moment we brought our daughter home and she made the experience manageable and comforting to know we weren't alone. i would recommend to everyone!

Jessica W. (mom of Tatum, born spring 2018)


"I have so many wonderful things to say about Emily!  Her knowledge and experience is incredible and it was so reassuring during the early months of parenthood. There are so many new and challenging stages and with all the adjustment it was so nice to have her support. She is smart, sweet and genuine and she goes above and beyond to help in ANY way possible! I have dealt with some postpartum anxiety, the stresses that a new parent experiences, along with the lack of sleep, can be beyond overwhelming to say the least. She was a ray of light during a very hard transition period and helped us get them sleeping in their cribs and then, with her guidance and advice, we were able to navigate the stages of sleep training. I was always so grateful when she would send me reassuring text messages and the latest information on any topic of discussion. She was very understanding and her encouragement truly meant the world to me. She is so kind and her genuine compassion and love of what she does is truly apparent! I would recommend her before anyone else and I must say that I worked with a handful of other doulas when Emily was not available and she is by far, the very BEST!  I have to say that we would not be where we are today without her and she definitely was an answer to prayer for this first time, extremely overtired Mama of twins!"

~Jen L. (mom of Gabbie & Ellie, born fall 2017) 


"Hiring Emily as a postpartum doula has been the best decision I've made as a new mother. Emily started with my family as soon as we came home from the hospital. She is a wealth of information and comfort for us and our new baby. Although we are very sad Emily is no longer working for us, we learned so much and got lots of needed rest while she was with us, so we feel more confident going forward without her. Emily went above and beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend her to any family looking for support. Five stars truly isn't enough for her!"


~Emily P. (mom of Lila, born fall 2017)


"Emily has been the greatest help. We hired her 2 weeks postpartum and are so glad we did. She is very knowledgeable with childcare and breastfeeding. She helped our baby get to 5 hour stretches between feedings at night time before she was 2 months old! She would always reach out when she wasn't with us to see how things were going and would give us motivation and encouragement. We love the notes she leaves us with advice and about babies activity during their time together. Emily really goes above and beyond in supporting the family and not just taking care of the baby. We hadn't asked her to help with any housekeeping and at first I was wondering who was emptying the dishwasher and tidying up."


~ Sahar N. (mom of Ariana, born summer 2017)


"Emily is an amazing postpartum doula!  We hired her when I was a few weeks postpartum and she worked with my family for over 3 months. She is extremely organized and helped keep our house organized and tidy while I was in the postpartum period and totally exhausted.  She was incredible with our infant and is very knowledgeable about newborn care.  She always went above and beyond and was such a huge help for our family.  I highly recommend Emily and will be using her again for the next baby!"

~Sarah S. (mom of Amaia, born spring 2017) 


I cannot begin to say how wonderful Emily is! We connected and hired Emily while I was still pregnant and she has been with our family and caring for our son since he was 6 days old. My husband is a pediatrician and works very long hours, so he was very particular about the person we were going to have helping me as a new mom and taking care of our son. We instantly knew she would be a great fit and she has exceeded all expectations we had! She not only adores our son (and vice versa) and is so sweet and patient with him but she is a wealth of information!! I find it so comforting to have someone who understands all the stages babies go through but also the challenges that come with being a new mom. She has helped establish feeding and sleeping routines with our son that have been life-changing and at the same time, was able to help me with breastfeeding issues and also be an incredible support system. My husband and I say all the time that Emily has been God-send to us, and any family would be so lucky to have her. We hope she is someone we will have in our life and particularly our son's life for a long time

Allison S. (mom of Benjamin, born summer 2016)