Websites for New Parents

Great websites to turn to when looking for local businesses or national organizations. 

New parent websites for infants

American Association of Pediatrics

Read science based studies and information.

Baby Formula Expert

Choosing a baby formula can be a tough decision, this site helps break it down for you.

Baby Sleep Site

Evidenced based information about infant sleep and practical guidelines to help new parents create healthy sleep habits. 

Evidence Based Birth

Non bias science driven answers to your birth related questions.  

Improving Birth

A nonprofit that is advocating on behalf of women who have had traumatic birth experiences.


A variety of information, but especially helpful for breastfeeding moms looking for advice. 

La Leche League

Breastfeeding resources and local breastfeeding support meet ups. 


San Diego nonprofit that aims to support optimal health for infants through community outreach.

Postpartum Health Alliance

San Diego resource for mothers with perinatal mood disorders.

Postpartum Support International

Resources for postpartum anxiety, depression, PTSD, and OCD for parents as well as online support groups. 

San Diego Breastfeeding Coalition

A non profit dedicated to providing resources and education to breastfeeding parents.

Science of Mom

An easy to read blog about infant care written by a research scientist with a Phd in nutrition.